Porcelain Veneers Des Moines, IA

Veneers are a popular choice for patients who wish to correct numerous cosmetic flaws that affect the appearance of the front teeth.

What Is a Veneer?painting a porcelain tooth | porcelain veneers des moines ia

A veneer is a thin, durable, custom-made thin shell made from porcelain that fits precisely over an existing tooth. Veneers are most often made from porcelain, because porcelain is completely customizable, which allows the lab technician to create a natural look

Veneers are a versatile cosmetic dental treatment to:

  • Close the spaces between teeth
  • Correct uneven or crooked teeth
  • Whiten stained teeth
  • Restore chipped or fractured teeth

How Is the Treatment Performed at Young General Dental?

Once you and your dentist have agreed that a veneer treatment is right for you, a series appointment is scheduled. The first appointment, your dentist will get you numb and comfortable before starting. 

woman smiling at camera | dental veneers des moines iaNext, your dentist will carefully reshape the front of your tooth to allow the veneer enough space for proper fit and appearance. 

Finally, your dentist will make an impression of the area and make you a temporary veneer to wear until your next appointment. 

At the next appointment, your dentist may not numb you unless you want to. The temporary veneer is removed, and the prepared tooth is cleaned with a paste before evaluating the fit of your new veneer. Other factors you and your dentist will consider at this time include making sure you are satisfied with the color match and appearance. Once you are happy with everything, your dentist will use a permanent dental adhesive to bond the veneer.

How Do I Care for My Veneers?

Take care of veneers as you would any of your other teeth you wish to keep. The veneer will not develop a cavity but remember that there is healthy, yet susceptible, tooth structure under your veneer. In fact, brushing in the morning and brushing and flossing at night right before getting into bed is even more important now to keep your tooth healthy. Keep your regular dental checkup appointments so that your hygienist and dentist are able to prevent smaller problems from becoming bigger problems.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

The materials that are used today to fabricate veneers are very durable and long-lasting. Veneers can stay in great shape and can last for ten or more years as long as you properly care for them with regular brushing and flossing and routine trips to your dentist.

A Final Word from Dr. Trung Phan

Throughout your veneer procedure, you may have questions that are not covered above. We will make sure to answer all of your questions and make sure you are comfortable during your veneer treatment. We love getting questions from our patients! Our goal is to help you preserve your natural smile for a lifetime because your smile is your best asset! Call our office to schedule!